Apple Inc.’s Premium Watch to Come in an Innovative Box that also Charges the Watch

Published By : 09 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Apple Inc. first went out of its comfort zone when it announced that its upcoming version of one of its highly coveted hi-tech device, the much anticipated advanced version of Apple watch, would be available in material and color options that in more than 100 combinations. This is a highly unusual move for an electronics company that is very streamlined in terms of its designs and product appearances. 

Now it seems that the company will bring the Apple watch in a packaging that will be a premier leather box from the outside and a charging station on the inside. Quite obviously, the packaging will not be a typical sleek and disposable container made from cardboard or some kind of a packaging material. This is surely going to be a completely new retail and user experience for the product’s buyers.

The new version of Apple watch will boast a make in solid 18 karat gold. The watch, called The Apple Watch Edition, will come in a leather box that will be aniline-dyed and be sort of ultra suede from the inside, the kinds of boxes that contain luxury Swiss watches. However, instead of a winder to keep the watch tickling, the box will have a magnetic charging pad that, when plugged in with a lightning connector, will keep charging the watch. These details had also surfaced while the Apple watch was first unveiled in September 2014, but it won’t come as a surprise if things have changed a bit since.

Most of the containers containing Apple products have meant to be discarded till now, this packaging will be one of the most different exceptions. 
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