Apple, IBM to Partner with Japan Post to Improve Healthcare

Published By : 30 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and Apple Inc. on Thursday announced their partnering with Japan Post to commence a project that will provide millions of senior citizens iPads in order to improve their health and enhance their quality of life. The press conference was held at the new IBM Watson headquarters in Manhattan’s Silicon Alley. Japan Post is, among other things, the largest life and health insurance company in Japan.

Japan Post already has a large collection of health care information, in Big Data style, and the project could help the company in improving the financial prosperity of its insurance businesses by helping customers live a longer life and be healthier and more independent. 

Taizo Nishimuro, chief executive of Japan Post said on Thursday that the effort has the capacity of impacting an entire generation of people and introducing the geriatric citizens to the world of convenient and rapid communication that is enabled by the iPad and the iPhone. Taizo Nishimuro stated that enriching the lives of these elderly citizens was the vision of Japan Post. 

Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple and Ginni Rometty, chief executive of IBM, were both present at the news conference, making clear the significance of this project for both companies. Tim Cook, referring to his iPad during the conference, said that by joining hands with Japan Post, they were aiming to build a service that will not only bring pride to all involved in the project but will also, as Steve Jobs said, “put a ding in the universe”. Ginni Rometty added that the age of today was all about reimagining life, which impacts most of all the largest generation that has ever been in all of human history. 
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