Apple Focuses on Location Technology, Buys Coherent Navigation

Published By : 18 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

To strengthen its expertise on location technology and services, Apple has purchased Coherent Navigation, a small firm which works on high-precision navigation systems. Established in 2008, Coherent Navigation has vast expertise on consumer-grade global positioning systems and has worked on projects for the Defense Department as well as on various autonomic navigation and robotic projects. In the past, it had also partnered with companies such as Boeing and Iridium to create commercial navigation services. Though Apple has confirmed the purchase, the technology giant has not disclosed its purpose or plans after acquiring Coherent Navigation. 

In the last six years, Apple has acquired a number of firms working on location technology services, such as Placebase, Hopstop, and Locationary. Most of the acquisitions were aimed to build Apple’s own mapping service and move away from its dependence on Google Maps. In 2012, with the help of licensed technology from TomTom, a Dutch digital mapping company, along with its in-house technology, Apple released its own mapping application. 

The biggest technology companies in Silicon Valley have been focusing more on taking control of the location-based services. In February this year, Uber made an announcement regarding opening an institute in Pittsburgh, to work on autonomous car research with National Robotics Engineering Center. Partnering with Carnegie Mellon University, Uber will fund a number of robotics fellowships and professorships. The company is also bidding heavily to acquire Nokia Here, the digital mapping arm of Nokia. If it is successful in the acquisition, its reliance on Google Maps will decrease significantly.
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