Anti-aging Wearable Devices to Maintain Young Looks– Future of Skin Care Devices

Published By : 23 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Chemical peels, Botox, and other anti-aging fillers have already made some space in the beauty industry. With advanced technologies, the new wearable devices are ready to enter the mainstream industry in the near future. Skincare wearable devices are the latest trend in the global anti-aging space. Customized beauty products have excited the patrons from across the globe. These days, people don’t mind spending more on anti-aging products. With many new wearable anti-aging devices being introduced by leading players, the global skincare devices market is set for a rapid expansion. 

Rising government funding for the discovery of new skincare devices has created a growth potential for the new entrants. Currently, the new entrants are focusing on manufacturing new skincare products and anti-aging wearable devices to attract a bigger market. The trend to manufacture customized skincare products is expected to continue. While the global skincare devices market is expected to treble in the years to come, the anti-aging wearable devices segment is anticipated to enjoy a strong annual growth. 

Which Anti-aging Wearable Devices can Drive Global Skincare Devices Market?

  • The UV-detecting patch from L’Oreal is expected to attract many customers. As far as anti-aging is concerned, most of the times the skin is damaged due to the sun rays. The UV-detecting patch helps you to keep a track of UV exposure. 
  • Feeligreen, a startup company in France, is developing anti-aging patches to treat possible signs of aging. 

The introduction of many new anti-aging wearable devices is expected to propel the global skincare devices market in the near future. Gone are the days when anti-aging creams and oils were popular. Today, wearable devices have taken over the traditional anti-aging methods. Anti-aging wearable devices are expected to become more sophisticated in the years to come. Leading players in the global skincare market are focusing on introducing new anti-aging wearable devices across many regions. With this, they aim to maintain their dominance in the coming years.

Going forward, the availability of local anti-aging products at affordable prices can be a threat to the global skincare devices market. However, the rising preference for genuine skincare products is predicted to boost the global market.

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