Antarctic Waste Set to Be Cleared by Million Dollar Germ-Zapper

Published By : 23 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Australia’s Davis research station is to be installed with an innovative water treatment plant that is scheduled to use germ zapping technology. Michael Packer, Australian Antarctic Division Engineer, reported that the $1.5 million dollar plant was built at the Division’s headquarters in Kingston. The plant is said to be low maintenance, self-contained, and designed to be operated remotely. The germ zapper plant has been tested in Hobart at the at TasWater’s Selfs Point. It is scheduled to be transported to Davis research station on the icebreaker Aurora Australis this summer. While there is no current plan to use the water for drinking purposes yet, the dischareged water is said to have no environmental impact owing to its purity.

A complicated and tenuous process, the plant produces purified water which exceeds the World Health Organization and Australian guidelines for potable water. The system involves the treatment of kitchen and human wastewater put through several cleanser such as UV radiation, ultrafiltration & chlorination, active-carbon filtering and reverse osmosis. Packer also mentioned that once installed, this system is predicted to the best waste water purifying plant in Antarctica. General Manger Support and Operations of the Divison, Dr Rob Wooding, also mentioned that while waste water management in Antarctica is a tenacious issue, it is one that need redressal as soon as possible. An exclusive team of experts are set to install the plant in late 2018 at the Antarctic station. 

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