ANI Pharmaceuticals Share Prices Rose to US$67

Published By : 24 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Equity research experts at Oppenheimer rose their target cost on shares of ANI Pharmaceuticals from US$61.00 to US$67.00 in an exploration note issued to speculators on Tuesday. The firm as of now has a "beat" rating on the claim to fame pharmaceutical organization's stock. Oppenheimer's objective value would show a potential upside of 5.50% from the past closure of the stock. Shares of ANI Pharmaceuticals exchanged down 0.76% on Tuesday, hitting US$63.03. 

The stock had an exchanging volume of 23,017 shares. The firm has a 52 week low of US$24.24 and a 52 week high of US$72.61. The share has a 50-day moving normal of US$54 and a 200-day moving normal of US$59. The organization has a business sector top of US$719.42 million and a cost to-income proportion of 24.27. 

ANI Pharmaceuticals last reported its income comes about on Tuesday, May 5th. The forte pharmaceutical organization reported US$0.57 profit per offer for the quarter, beating the investigators' agreement evaluation of US$0.56 by US$0.01. The organization had income of US$18.80 million for the quarter, contrasted with the accord evaluation of US$19.86 million. 

Amid the same quarter a year ago, the organization posted US$0.33 profit per offer. ANI Pharmaceuticals' income was up 72.5% contrasted with the same quarter a year ago. By and large, examiners anticipate that ANI Pharmaceuticals will post US$2.70 profit per offer for the current monetary year. Various different firms have likewise as of late remarked on ANIP. Experts at TheStreet overhauled shares of ANI Pharmaceuticals from a "hold" rating to a "purchase" rating in an exploration note on Friday, June 19th. Experts at Roth Capital set a US$60.00 value focus on shares of the firm and gave the organization a "hold" rating in an examination note on Monday, May 18th.
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