Anchor, the Podcasting App Can Now Find Cohosts for Users

Published By : 16 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Anchor, currently in a re-launched stage as an app, is now offering an assortment of tools for podcasters, wherein users can easily find cohosts for sharing their podcasts. The app aims to connect people with others who is basically interested in the same topic as that of the user.

Podcasting Could Become More Interesting with Anchor’s App

It’s true that podcasting could become more fun with Anchor’s app which is expected to make a conversation between two cohosts highly engaging, as compared to a regular monologue. According to Anchor’s CEO, Mike Mignano, the company has provided users with the ability to choose a topic which they want to talk about their podcasts, along with matching up others, who also are interested in the same topic.

The app works by matching up a user with someone else who is also using the app. If the match is not done, the app will send a notification to the user whenever a decent cohost is found at a later time. Mignano further says that the app has developed an intelligent matching system to ensure that a high chance exists wherein a user can get matched up with another like-minded cohost who wants to discuss the same topic.

Users can select broad as well as narrow and highly specific topics. For example. Politics, education, agriculture, and similar others fall under the former category. Whereas, a specific event such as a murder or a fire, an earthquake, or a sport-based match is included under the latter category. After a connection is made with a cohost, a user has 30 seconds to make the contact, after which further discussions can start. The recording then starts automatically and can continue up to 15 minutes. Both the cohosts will get a copy of the recording, which they can choose to publish at the same time, or on some later day.

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