Amino Raises US$45 Million

Published By : 13 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Amino, a startup, has just moped up US$45 million from Venrock, GV, Union Square Ventures, Time Warner Investments, and Goodwater Capital. It was done in Series C funding.

As per CEO and co-founder of Amino Ben Anderson, it is a platform to help people with niche interests to find similar people through apps on smartphones.

App Inspired by Real-life Anime

In its initial days, the apps in the company was focused on just a few topics such as anime, K-pop, and Doctor Who. However, down the line it allowed users to start new communities in the main Amino app. Right now, there are over 2.5 million communities. While some communities are more active than others, a few also have overlapping ideas.

According to Sebela, it is up to the founders and leaders of each community to figure out what the community wants to emphasize on. They are also allowed to choose the product features they would need to that end. To ensure user satisfaction, Anderson added that they are tweaking their algorithms so as to make the best communities available for each user.

An anime convention in the real world was the source of inspiration for the app. To its users a more real feel, it has now added video and voice chat.

Amino so far has raised over US$70 million in funding and is checking out methods to earn revenues. Chances are more it would be a subscription service. Anderson has refrained from divulging details on it at this point.

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