American Express Joins with McDonalds USA in Expanding Financial Service

Published By : 15 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

McDonald’s and American Express have announced that they will enable McDonald’s customers who are U.S. Card Members enrolled in the Membership Rewards program, to use the reward points at any McDonald’s outlet.

The service will be available at select locations for food and drinks in a McDonald’s restaurant in real-time basis. The capability will be available at all outlets within the U.S. by December 2014.
Leslie Berland, the executive vice president of Digital Partnerships and Development at A.E. said that Card Members have always liked using their membership in processes that occur every day and in relevant ways. American Express is leveraging their technology to create a seamless and easy process to redeem Membership Points.

In conjunction with the launch, American Express has declared that each time a Card Member uses points for their McDonald’s order, the financial services company will make a $1 donation towards the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). The donations go towards aiding support programs that work to improve the well being of children.

Kevin Newell, the executive VP and chief branding and strategy officer for McDonald’s USA, said that the company is constantly looking for methods to make their customers feel comfortable, one of which is by including multiple payment options.

Kevin also applauded American Express as always being on the cutting edge of innovative commerce services, which sits cleanly with the McDonald’s mission to add value to their customers’ experience.

Customers who are eligible for the service will get an option to pay with cash or points whenever they make a purchase at a valid McDonald’s outlet.
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