Amazon to Provide Same-Day Services in Miami and Baltimore

Published By : 20 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Seattle-based company, Amazon has started with same-day service for all its prime members from the month of December in a few selected areas of Manhattan. The company also informed that the expansion will continue forward to many other cities throughout the year. The same day delivery services are further expanded in Miami and Baltimore which is adding pressure to the retailers of brick-and-mortar and further raising the bar on shipping for other online merchants.

The prime members of the company, called as Prime Now shoppers will be the privileged customers to get the delivery from the range of thousands of products on the same day which will include electronics, cereals, cleaning supplies and many more. The two hour delivery will not cost anything to the customers however; the one hour delivery will be available at a price of US$7.99.
Amazon has been adding many perks for its prime members which will costs around US$99 for a whole year which includes two-day shipping free on selected items and they can also access Amazon’s streaming television services. Amazon said that the Prime has around millions of members and they are spending a lot more amount than that of other Amazon customers.

A North Carolina company named Channel Advisor aids around 3000 merchants sells their products market place which also includes Amazon. The chief executive officer of the company, Scot Wingo informed that Prime has about 40 million members. 

Amazon is putting a step forward and standing in competition with eBay’s Now and Google’s Shopping Express which is providing similar services, by starting with the same-day delivery program.

Senior vice-president of worldwide operations of Amazon, Dave Clark stated that since the launch of this service they have experienced quite a demand for high-end as well as daily essentials.
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