Amazon to Deliver Whole Foods’ Goods Through Prime Now

Published By : 08 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In a move that would expand the horizons of the company, Amazon announced the expansion of its e-commerce services by acquiring Whole Foods. The delivery of grocery would offset in four cities viz. Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Virginia Beach, and Amazon hinted that the operations would be expanded to other cities too. Amazon would execute the new addition to its service list through Prime Now, the company’s delivery service for 1- and 2-hour time durations. The Whole Food items would be picked from stores in the aforementioned cities. This way, the organic grocer would become a part of the huge network of the e-commerce giant.

Amazon Upping its E-commerce Game

The customers would be able to get the groceries delivered within one or two hours. While the two-hour delivery option would incur no overhead charges, the 1-hour option would incur $7.99 as delivery charges for orders above $35. The Whole Food products delivered through Prime Now include everyday staples, meat and seafood, organic produce, dairy, bakery, and select alcohol, quoted a press release. Without stating a specific timeframe, the VP of Prime Now revealed that Amazon intends on expanding these services to other regions as well. In June last year, Amazon acquired Whole Foods with a $13.7 billion deal and has been selling echo speakers through Prime Now. The company also offered in-store discounts for Prime members.

The announcement by Amazon is a revolutionary one, to say the least. The delivery of Whole Food items would give a new dimension to the way people look at Amazon. Furthermore, it would be interesting to see how Amazon expands the service to other cities and regions. 

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