Amazon Spent US$3.2 mn on its Lobbying Efforts in Q2 of 2017

Published By : 21 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Although facing excessive criticism due to its plans for the procurement of Whole Foods Markets, Amazon has been constant on its multi-million lobbying efforts. It has shelled out US$3.2 mn in the Q2 of 2017 while in the first quarter, it spent US$2.9 mn. Amazon has a robust presence in Washington, where it has long been lobbying on a wide range of topics, such as taxes, trade, immigration, and mobile payments.

But this decision of them – to procure Whole Foods, a premium grocer, for US$13.7 billion – has shaken up the whole grocery industry, sparking some negative opinions among unions and several other Amazon critics. Announced in June, the planned merger is slated to be approved by the Federal Trade Commission. Complicating Amazon’s status in Washington DC, the capital of the U.S., Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, purchased The Washington Post, the leading U.S. newspaper, known to draw the public ire of Donald Trump.

In May 2016, Trump famously stated that Amazon has “a huge problem of antitrust.” The company has planned to spend over US$12 mn in 2017, if it get successful in keeping up its lobbying efforts at the same rate. The online retail giant spent nearly US$11 mn in 2016 on lobbying in Washington. In 2015, its lobbying effort got more than doubled when compared to prior years, with an expenditure of US$9 mn in comparison with US$4.7 mn in 2014. In the Q2 of 2017, the company added a new enterprise, McGuireWoods Consulting, to its lobbying army.

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