Amazon Looks to Traditional Artisans to Combat Walmart in India

Published By : 18 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Competition between international ecommerce giants Walmart and Amazon is heating up like never before as they pull out every stop to tap into the promising emerging market economies. One such attractive market they are betting big on is that of India. With over a billion people living there and a burgeoning middle class, the two are coming up with ingenious strategies to make a killing in the market.

With Walmart just having spent a whopping US$16 billion in acquiring local ecommerce giant Flipkart, Amazon has now devised a new means to attract consumers through a rather unlikely channel - traditional artisans.

Amazon Organizes Workshops to Train Artists

Recently, Amazon organized a workshop in the small town of Bhuj in the Indian state of Gujarat. The idea is get some of the least tech savvy yet talented artisans offer their products on the e-tailing platform.

Such offbeat exquisite traditional products might help it up the ante against its rival Walmart. Through the workshops conducted in the local parlance of the region it aims to train the artisans on how best they leverage the online site. It teaches them how to handle payments and refunds and has even roped in local photographers who mostly shoot for weddings to take appealing pictures of the products.

Not just that, Amazon is also training operators of internet cafes so that they can show to artisans on how best to use the app. The company is also offering logistics support by sending its drivers to gather paintings, stoles, and others.

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