Amazon Introduces New Alexa Devices with Smart Innovation

Published By : 25 Sep 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Amazon, the cloud computing and electronic business company, is back to news again with the launch of new devices for powering smart homes with Alexa voice assistant. A new assistant that will take care of your home with the help of dizzying array of new gadgets that can be featured in almost every room in the house, inclusive of security camera and microwave ovens. So basically, one can get a chocolate mug cake ready while he is taking a quick run to the supermarket for a bag of cheese dips and wafers to enjoy a Netflix night in his PJs. Alexa will even take care of the door while he is away.           

Oh, Alexa Everywhere!

The technology is being more popularized with Alexa taking a step further and into the personal lives of consumers. One of Amazon’s bestselling devices is a $50 hockey puck-shaped Dot with more than 70- percent better sound quality that audiophiles will fall in love with Sonos Inc.’s turf. Not only this, a subwoofer was also introduced along with a pair of amplifiers, with the existing Echo products. The amplifiers are meant to work like audio control centers at home. The Echo speaker has been maintaining a lead among all other competitors such as Apple Inc. and Google. To further add on to the competition, Amazon has added a bigger screen and better sound quality to the Echo speaker and this will give a tough competition to Google’s high-end device.

Amazon has bombarded the market with another product called Alexa Guard. This is basically a home security product that can detect carbon dioxide or smoke or even the breaking of glass and will send alert message to the consumer’s phone.

Garages are also not been left unattended. Amazon has launched Echo Auto, a device worth $50 that will allow Alexa to function in cars as well. Car speakers may be accessible via the driver’s smartphone connection with the cloud and Bluetooth speakers as well. Alexa will be able to give map directions as well with maps in the display screen. Amazon is on its way to amaze the world.   

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