Amazon Exploring Food Technologies for Home Delivery

Published By : 14 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH Inc. is looking for a new food technology that will allow to prepare meals and store them without refrigerating them. This technology was first developed for the U.S. army, Amazon is exploring this technology to build a massive grocery business. The company is planning to sell ready to eat dishes such as vegetable frittata and beef stew.

Amazon Planning to Start Home Delivery of Foods

Amazon, the biggest online retailer, is planning to implement the technology on a large scale, if the technology gives the expected results. It would be a key step for Amazon as it will be shifting its interest towards providing easy and quick meal options at home. AmazonFresh service would be delivering food, the same banner which is delivering groceries to home for a decade. It is also expected to help Amazon’s checkout-free convenience store and the company’s planned $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods Market Inc.

Researchers at Washington State University developed a food technology, which is called MATS or microwave assisted thermal sterilization. This technology was commercialized by a Denver based startup called 915 Labs. In this method, the sealed food packages are placed in pressurized water and it is heated with microwaves for a certain period of time. This process allows the food to regain its original texture and flavor, which will be a perfect solution for Amazon’s search for a food technology. However, it is expected that Amazon’s service will transform the food packaging and home delivery industries, putting more pressure on the company about the food technology they are searching.

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