Amazon and Philips Partner to Bring Together Medical App, Device, and EMR Data in the Cloud

Published By : 12 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The revolution of the Internet of Things for the medical device industry is not surprisingly being led by Amazon. This is yet another giant tech contender that has joined in the health care evolution via technology. Google and other big-name IT companies such as Salesforce, IBM, and Siemens are all attempting to grab a profitable share of the next-gen health care sector.

Amazon will be working with Royal Philips to eventually bring together millions of medical sensors and devices. Philips' HealthSuite digital platform runs on Amazon Web Services and gathers, aggregates, and evaluates data derived from different medical device systems, apps, and electronic medical records. The platform already supports over 7 million connected sensors, devices, and mobile apps.

This partnership will undergrid the commitment of Philips towards informatics, which it anticipates will be the center of its ongoing refocus on HealthTech. HealthTech is presently at the core of technology and health care.

Chief executive officer of Philips Healthcare Informatics, Solutions, and Services Jeroen Tas said in a statement that the power of the Internet of Things and the digital health revolution present immense opportunities to bring about a massive change in the delivery of care. He further stated that unleashing data from health records and connected devices and combining it with analytics, one can uncover invaluable insights into the way we live and age.

Philips launched a combined diabetes medical record system/app last month that was designed with Salesforce and offers integrated information, direction, and access to various health care providers and their patients. The company stated that this is the first of many planned systems that are focused on patients with chronic conditions. The app/medical records system runs on the HealthSuite platform.

Recently, Philips also unveiled an entire lineup of connected, smart, consumer-centric medical devices, including a blood pressure cuff, a watch, a thermometer, and a scale.

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