Amazon and Flipkart to Fight it out with New Strategies in India

Published By : 26 Dec 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The U.S.-based Amazon and India-based Flipkart are expected to take up hugely divergent strategies in 2018 after years of fighting with each other to take the lead on one of the most dynamic E-commerce markets across the world, i.e. India, say researchers who also expect that the Paytm Mall, which is supported by Alibaba, the Chinese E-commerce giant, to open a third front. The largest online retailer in the country, Flipkart, is anticipated to a large number of customers in smaller cities with its newly-unveiled, own brand of consumer products.

On the other hand, Amazon will focus on deepening the range of products and offerings for its premium consumers as both the enterprises look to establish their positions and also build up new markets. Rajiv Sharma, the media and Internet analyst at the Indian wing of HSBC Securities and Capital Markets states that for the first time the market leaders will be following two different routes in the E-commerce market.

“It may no longer be about the gross merchandise value but about basics, such as repeat purchase, online shoppers, and the growth in new categories and decline in mobile,” he added in the research study, titled “India Internet: On the way to India E-commerce 2.0.” A representative for Amazon India stated that they are aiming to be the ‘everything’ store, where consumers can find each and every products that they are looking for. Flipkart spokespersons remain unavailable for comments.

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