Amazon Adopts Open Cloud Technology amidst Rising Competition

Published By : 30 Nov 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Amidst signs of competition being heating up in the cloud computing business, Amazon has announced the adoption of Kubernetes to replace Amazon Web Services (AWS). Kubernetes – the open source technology is increasingly becoming a standard as companies build more applications on public clouds. Earlier in the year, Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp., and Oracle Corp., announced their support for Kubernetes.

The announcement was made at Amazon Web Services’ annual conference in Las Vegas which was attended by more than 40,000 attendees. Amazon also made an announcement about a marketing deal with the U.S. National Football League and a host of other AWS features, which includes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Kubernetes Preferred due to Host of Advantages

Kubernetes offers a host of advantages, of which its ability to run an application on public cloud is a key one. Some of the public cloud that are compatible with Kubernetes are Microsoft’s Azure and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Cloud Platform, which makes it easier to switch from one cloud vendor to another.

Prior to this, Amazon had rolled out its own service similar to Kubernetes. However, the Google Cloud Platform has established itself as the standard that AWS had no choice but to support it. This exemplifies AWS to look out of their own world in response to customer need. Pioneered by AWS in 2006, cloud computing business was touted as an easy and quick way for small businesses to be able to have affordable, high-powered computing services. No sooner it caught the attention of larger companies and continued to grow at a fast pace. Consequently, AWS recorded 42% year-on-year growth to hit a revenue of US$4.6 billion in the most recent quarter.

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