Alpine Valley Bread Company Taken Over by Flower Foods

Published By : 22 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Flower Foods, Inc., has announced that it has acquired Alpine Valley Bread Company. The latter is a certified producer of all natural and organic breads in the U.S. The family-owned business was bought out for US$120 mn in stock or cash.

The takeover is expected to be complete by Q4, 2015. It is currently subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approval.

Alpine Valley Bread Company was founded by the Wood family in 1997. Their primary goal was to bake nutritious bread that was created using organic ingredients and was free of artificial enhancers and ingredients. Simplistic styles were being used to create bread using whole grains, yeast, salt, honey, and water.

The company was initially headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, from which Alpine Valley Bread Company has continued to serve club retailers, specialty healthy living stores, and national retail grocers. The overall lineup of products by the company includes flaxseed with sprouted wheat, omega-3 multigrain, Super Grains, and 21 whole grains. The list of breads also contains products that are kosher certified, Non-GMO Project verified, and are USDA Organic certified.

Currently, Alpine Valley Bread Company employs 282 workers and operates two bakeries. Both bakeries are located in Mesa. After the takeover, Alpine will become Flowers’ independent subsidiary.

Alpine Valle Bread Company’s current trajectory reveals a sales of roughly US$85 mn to US$96 mn for fiscal 2016. The compounded annual growth rate for Alpine in terms of revenue has been near 51.0% over the past few years. IRI states that Alpine has shown a 27.0% growth rate over the past four years

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