Alliance Group to Invest US$3.4 mn in Deployment of New Bandsaws Keeping Employees’ Safety in Mind

Published By : 17 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Alliance Group, the New Zealand-based food company, is investing US$3.4 mn in deploying new bandsaws, specifically designed to discontinue their operations when a person or a glove is in close proximity. Hitherto, 49 bandsaws with cutting edge technology has been deployed at eight units of the company across New Zealand, as part of a bigger program from the improvement of health and safety at the company’s production sites.

David Surveyor, the chief executive of the Alliance Group, stated that the deployment of the technology is reflecting the firm’s commitment towards improving the health and safety of its employees. This has been a key element of the company’s business strategy. “The usage of standard bandsaws has emerged as one of the major risk activities across a number of industry in the recent times. Alliance Group wants its employees to be safer and its business to be stronger, in which, this technology will support it,” he added further.

Developed especially for the cutting and processing of meat, these bandsaws are exclusively designed to stop the blade from running within 15 milliseconds when they sense a person, glove, or both in contact or in close proximity with the saw, reducing the risk of any possible injury. “The company has made a robust progress towards ensuring that the safety is embedded in its culture as their topmost priority. However, there is still a long way to go but the company is absolutely committed to its customers, staff, and suppliers to make their workplaces safe,” stated Surveyor.

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