Alexa Showing Business Wonders with New Skill Connections

Published By : 08 Oct 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The virtual assistant gifted to us by Amazon is surprising consumers with new skills. In a recent announcement made by Amazon, a new way to use Alexa was stated where in a request can be started in one skill and it will be fulfilled by the other. To site an example, HP skill can now be connected with AllRecipes skill and print out recipes for its customers. Amazon stated that this was just one amongst the many skills to come and over the years future skills may allow concert bookings.

The developer-facing feature is called Skill Connections, and it can be initially utilized for three types of actions namely booking a ride, a reservation at a restaurant, or for printing. The main idea behind the combination of various skills is to provide ease to its consumers for completing one task they want to accomplish or to repeat information. Instead of using various applications to complete one task, data will be passed from one skill to the next and work will be done with the help of this interconnection of skills.

Amazon in collaboration with Uber to make life easier

Consumers can have the developer preview of Skill Connections now. In this, HP will provide the printing while food reservations will be made by OpenTable, and taxi reservations will be done by Uber. Amazon also brings it to the notice that Canon and Epson are soon to provide the printing services as well.

The developers may first have to fill out a survey before considering the Skills to work for consumers whether it be booking a taxi, or making printouts of a game’s leaderboard. Amazon stated that the features are still likely to remain in testing for now and will be launched later for public use.

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