Alchemy Systems Launches New Courses for Frozen and Vegetarian Food Companies

Published By : 26 Nov 2013 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Alchemy Systems - the universal leader of creative and innovative technologies and services released a new house of courses especially for frozen and vegetarian food products. The Workplace Safety and Food Safety prospectus exhibits the market-specific needs and requirements distinct to different companies dealing with frozen foods and vegetarian food product industries. 


Bret Mohar - VP of Manufacturing at Amy’s Kitchen, which is a client of Alchemy said that Alchemy provides a different interactive learning experience for all the employees working with SISTEM, and that they are thrilled with the fact that a meatless library has been added as a part of this organization. Amy’s Kitchen has effective courses that can be implemented in unique food safety programs. It is an instrumental piece of development in terms of offering courses and services. This further adds to its culture and values as a vegetarian and natural foods manufacturer too. 


These courses are based on hourly work patterns that follow visual, effective - proven pedagogy in order to train employees in the food industry. The employee retention is also improved due to the regular use of industry-specific imagery. With more than 45 course topics for Food and Workplace Safety, the catalog altogether consists of topics like Allergens, GMPs, HACCP, and Hazard Communication. This catalog or vast library of Vegetarian and Frozen Foods is in addition to Alchemy’s offering that includes bakery products, dry goods, fresh produce, and other industry-specific content. 


Today, Alchemy serves more than 1,400 food manufacturing and processing locations across the globe and stands as one of the unique challenges in the industry of food and beverages. It focuses on ensuring acquiescence with basic industry and regulatory standards, as well as, client-specific needs conjured by the dairy, frozen, and vegetarian food companies, said the CEO of Alchemy, Jeff Eastman. 

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