Alarming Rise in Cyber Attacks on Healthcare Companies

Published By : 07 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to a recent study, cyber attacks on health care companies went up an alarming 125 per cent over the past five years with hackers stepping up their efforts to steal important medical information. 

Medical files are worth nearly US$70 each on the black market and the survey showed that 45 per cent of health care companies reported that they fell prey to deliberate cyber attacks. The survey was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and ID Experts and the findings were released on Thursday. 

Criminal attacks are today being considered to be the leading cause of data breach in the field of health care, after surpassing lost computer hardware for the very first time in history. Over 90 per cent of health care organizations reported a breach in data over the past two years, together with 60 per cent of third party billers and claims processors. 

This ongoing trend puts consumers at a much greater risk of identity theft. The trend also gives room for potential insurance as well as government benefits fraud. 

Nevertheless, health care entities do not consider cyber attacks as their biggest security concern. Employee negligence was considered to be the top most cause for worry for an astounding 70 per cent of the organizations. This was followed by hackers at a strong 40 per cent. Health care groups were allowed to name three concerns they considered to be major threats.

The surge in cyber attacks and cyber threats is primarily because medical and health care providers are still in the process of transitioning to electronic health records. When it comes to digital record keeping and maintaining, the health care industry still lags behind the rest of the private sector. Health care providers have stated that this risk of security and breach of data is one of the reasons why they do not wish to completely abandon paper records.
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