Alan Han Employs Low Paid Assistants For Yao Xin

Published By : 06 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

For a good part of previous 2 years Mr. Alan Han has been sending the employees of his health startup named Yao Xin all over China to encourage women. Not the high rollers with cash to burn or fresh graduates with ambitions to indulge in, but the low paid assistants, who arrange shelves and ring up the bills in around 0.5 million drug stores in China.

The deputy to Han at Yao Xin, Amy Lei, stated that they have surveyed the in-store assistants at the deepest that they know what they required and they know how to keep them engaged.

Whilst most aren’t from medical background and would be making meager money by ringing up groceries, the seismic shifts in the healthcare industry in China may set them at the center of major pharmaceutical firms amidst a geriatric population of 1.3 billion consumers.

A matured player in the pharmaceutical industry in China and the Chinese tech market, Mr. Han spotted one of multiple gaps for private firms to capitalize on the digital renovation of the healthcare industry. That gap could prove profitable; analytics firm IDC expects that the digital renovation will generate US$5.6 billion in the investment from major corporations and private investors into healthcare IT by the year 2017.

As the new policies move the bulk of the drug sales from hospitals to the separate drug stores, which often face shortage of trained pharmacists, Yao Xin targets at developing in-store assistants. Via a mobile application, the firm Yao Xin, shower in-store assistants with virtual consumers suffering any number of woes. The players who look into with the most adroit questions and run the best recommendation to their virtual clients will be eligible for the bonuses that range as high as payment for 4 months.
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