After Withdrawing the Playbook, BlackBerry Comes up with the SecuTABLET

Published By : 16 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

BlackBerry, in collaboration with Samsung and IBM has recently come up with a tablet. The tablet was launched recently in the market. This decision was made at a time when there was limited supply of tablets in the market. SecuTABLET, which is basically a high security tablet was launched by the Canada based smartphone manufacturer. The main aim of BlackBerry was to strengthen its business of go-in brand. 

Prior to this the BlackBerry handheld was withdrawn from the market. The latest tablet is primarily established on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, and the company showing off the same is Secusmart, which is a company that BlackBerry acquired in 2014. According to Secusmart CEO, Hans-Christoph Quelle, at present, the BlackBerry portfolio is ingrained with security. It therefore, includes data encryption and voice solutions. BlackBerry’s recent enterprise launch has been the SecuTABLET. In fact, the company is still struggling to tackle the issue of a constantly decreasing market share of smartphones and it is trying to focus more on the business aspect. BlackBerry is yet to declare the details of the availability and pricing of this smartphone. 

Back in the year 2011, BlackBerry had tried challenging the dominance of Apple iPads in the world of tablets via the launch of the Playbook which is a sleek gadget which eventually was tagged as unsatisfying by most critics because of the absence of different functions and applications. BlackBerry came under pressure to do away with the tablet. Earlier in the month, John Chen, the CEO expressed his keenness on re-entering the market for tablets in some way or the other. Furthermore, BlackBerry has taken steps to open up many of the software for compatibility functions with operating systems like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. 
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