After Perth, Ola Launches Operations in Sydney

Published By : 12 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Indian ride-hailing app Ola has recently made its entry in the Australia market. After launching in Perth a few weeks ago, it has expanded its business to Sydney. The US$9 bn company is backed by Tencent, the Chinese internet giant, and SoftBank, the Japanese multinational bank. It has employed a local team to create a partnership and support the driver partners.

As per the statement issued by the company, the app has seen a significantly high level of response from driver partners since the rollout in Perth and has witnessed more than 7000 registrations so far as it gets ready to take on Uber. Over the next few weeks, the ride-hailing company plans to launch several new initiatives for driver partners and riders, such as the methods of sharing feedback and continual promotional offers for the latter, and novel earnings programs, 24/7 driver partner support, vehicles services, fuel offers, and community town halls for the former.

The residents in Sydney will avail the benefit of the introductory offer of free rides and also opt for booking rides to the airport and back. Chandra Nath, the vice president and the head of international operations at Ola stated that the company is excited to officially begin operating on the east coast with the introduction of the app in Sydney. “The company has been extremely pleased with the response of driver-partners, customers, and the community in Perth, and cannot wait to continue developing further on these experiences,” he added.

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