After Microsoft, Apple Mac Attacked by Ransomware and Spyware

Published By : 14 Jun 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After the chaos created by the attack of a ransomware virus on the systems powered by Microsoft Windows XP, new spyware and ransomware have targeted Apple’s Mac. The two different types of malwares are being circulated on the dark web. A warning has been specifically issued for Mac users regarding the new variant of virus that has been specially designed to target Apple computers. Hackers have set their targets on the devices that are running on Apple’s MAC OS and are holding them for ransom after infecting them. The two programs were exposed by the security firms named AlienVault and Fortinet, which discovered a portal on the network of “dark web” or Tor.

What are these programs?

The attacks comprise a malware-as-a-service or MaaS known as Macspy and MacRansom which is a ransomware-as-a-service. Both these programs can be purchased by attackers for targeting the Mac computers. These programs have been specifically designed as a response to the dearth of convoluted attacks that are aimed at Mac users. It has been advertised as the most complicated Mac spyware ever to be programmed. One of the programs is a ransomware that encrypt data and asks for payment for releasing the files. The other is a type of spyware that keeps a watch on actions of the users and scoops up important information.

Into the Malware

Fortinet claimed that the designers of the program were professionals with extensive experience in code creation. The security firm further revealed that the program used a much lesser sophisticated encryption than many other variants that have targeted Windows machines. Even after having an inferior encryption, the ransomware encrypts the files of the victim perfectly and prevents access to important data, thus causing some real damage there. 

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