Affordable SLS 3D Printers to be Launched in the Market

Published By : 14 Aug 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As patents have started expiring for 3D printing technologies, many affordable additive manufacturing is estimated to occur. A good number of stereo lithography machines have been introduced in the market; however, much has not been heard by selective laser sintering (SLS).

The SLS technology was first invented by Deckard out of UT Austin. However, the key patent for SLS has expired earlier this year, and many had hoped that the price of this technology which was very high will be dramatically reduced, which happened in case of many other 3D printing methods.

A company called Norge Systems in U.K., has announced a Kickstarter campaign aimed at lowering the price of SLS machines namely Ice1 and Ice9. These machines have powerful features such as printing speed of 10-30 mm per hour. They also come with a USB port and an SD card reader. Other features they are equipped with are advanced power feeding mode, power supply, laser power control system, scanning system, and software.

Additionally, the Ice9 also has the ability to cut and engrave using its laser technology. The machine is compact enough to fit into an office and the cost of the other affordable laser sintering machines presently on the market is expected to be around 20000 GBP.

On the other hand, Ice1 is the little sibling of Ice9, as these machines share similar features. Both have a substantial printing sizes, and the Ice1 is compared to most desktop machines FDM/FFF and Ice9 is larger than most. Also, they offer a much finer finish and definition compared to FDM.

If the company is successful with the launch of these machines, then it might also introduce IceM, which will offer low-cost revolution to metals.
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