Afek Oil and Gas Company Starts Drilling at Two New Sites in Golan Heights

Published By : 26 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Afek Oil and Gas Company has started drilling at two sites on Golan Heights after the company recognized presence of hydrocarbons in the area. The company is also drilling at one more location at Ness-6 which is located at Kanaf Moshav’s entranace, southeast of Gamla. The drilling is likely to reach a depth of 1,400 meters. Simultaneously, the company is looking at rehabilitation of work at older locations, namely, Ness-3 and Ness-5. 

Chief geologist at Afek Oil, Dr. Yuval Bartov stated the company is pleased with their findings and progress, which seem to be in tandem with the expectations. He further added that the company’s priority is to cooperate with the local authorities and supervisory bodies and be in full consideration of the environment the company has to operate in. Afek Oil stated that its results for Ness-3 site were running parallel to those of Ness-5 at the end of July. These preliminary results also indicated the presence of hydrocarbons in the vertical drilling areas.

The company cleared the air about the volume of resources. It emphatically stated that at this point the volume of resources that can be extracted has not been defined. To add to that, the resources do not have a possible, probably, or a proven reserve at this juncture.

Afek Oil’s Ness-3 site is situated close to the Bnei Yehuda industrial area, while about five kilometers south is the Ness-5 site. In the coming three years, the company has won the license to conduct oil exploration in about 10 such sites in the southern region of Golan Heights. These sites fall under a 39,500-hectare or 97,606.6-acre zone which is south of Katzrin. 
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