Advanced Cameras to Track Drivers Using Mobile Phones on NSW Roads

Published By : 03 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In a revolutionary step to enhance safety of drivers and pedestrians on the road, New South Wales has introduced technologically advanced cameras to track the use of mobile phones while driving. The Australian jurisdiction has been doing rounds of discussion with regards to the use of automated camera technology to improve traffic and enhance safety on the roads. Queensland, Western Australia, and Victoria have been aiming to put these systems in place but to no avail. Hence, the NSW is the first province to actuate the use of cameras to prevent the use of cameras behind the wheel. There will be a trail period to test the effectiveness of the technology, and its approval and adoption in the region is quite likely.

Uniting with National Goals

The welcome step by NSW is in unison with the vision of the Australian government to enhance road safety. A total of 184 crashes and seven deaths due to illegal mobile usage while driving have come to light over the period between 2012 and 2017. Hence, the initiative by the NSW is an epitome for all the other provinces in Australia and may soon be adopted throughout the region.

Role of Private Sector

The use of cameras for road safety has already been tested across other countries including Saudi Arabia. In Australia, the private sector firms are in charge of facilitating the system with a high level of precision and control. Ben Franklin, the Nationals MP, believes that the new system would help police officials towards stamping out phone usage while driving.

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