Ads Removed from InfoWars Channel by YouTube, But Declines Deleting It

Published By : 05 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

YouTube has proceeded with its efforts to restrict the spread of offensive, misleading, and violent content through its website. And the latest crackdown by the video giant involves taking down Alex Jones channel and his video show called InfoWars.

The Alex Jones channel is widely known all over the world for its censored content, violent videos, and controversial topics. YouTube reportedly was supposed to delete channel along with all the videos yesterday on 4th March. However, according to a spokesperson from the company, there aren’t any plans to continue with the deletion processes, and the claim made earlier was proven to be false. In this way, the entire scenario unfolded in the form of a fake news.

The Alex Jones YouTube account is one of the most popular ones that is associated with the InfoWars brand. It depicts a subscriber base of more than 2.3 million people, along with millions of views registered across scores of videos. As per the latest information mentioned above, Alex Jones account is still active. However, it does not seem to have upheld its reputation, especially from YouTube’s perspective.

This is evident from the strike applied to the channel by YouTube, nearly a couple of weeks ago. A video was removed from the channel that dealt with a topic on gun control following the latest school shootings in the United States. This is YouTube’s first strike in its termination procedure. The later crackdowns involved sending notifications to Alex Jones after several advertisers asked YouTube to remove themselves from the channel, after CNN performed an investigation to know how the vides get monetized.

The procedure carried out by YouTube before terminating an account involves a number of strikes being issued against controversial accounts that are red flagged. The first steps to do this mainly involves starting with three strikes against service violations.

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