Accelrys Acquisition on Qumas - a US$50m Firm of Compliance and Quality Management

Published By : 11 Dec 2013 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The famous and leading cork cloud-based quality management software firm Qumas has been taken over by Accelrys Inc. This is a deal valued at US$50m.

Accelrys and its wide range of customers will benefit from this acquisition due to the scientific innovation development which includes improving the quality management, compliance effectiveness, and reducing the regulatory risks.

The management team at Accelrys is hard-pressed on continuing its laboratory research and manufacturing techniques along with informatics capabilities to cater superior, state-of-the-art scientific innovation lifecycle management (SILM) solutions. And now with the team of Qumas on board, advanced quality, compliance, and regulatory expertise has become a part of the Accelrys group, said the president and CEO of Accelrys, Max Carnecchia.

Accelrys Inc is ready for the new face in the industry. It is delighted to have the integrated Qumas solutions as a part of their product portfolio that easily provides single-vendor SILM solutions into the development of quality management and critical compliance arena for science-based process industries.
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