Abu Dhabi Gearing Up to Launch Index to Improve Healthcare Standards

Published By : 12 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

What can be said a step taken to up the healthcare standards in Abu Dhabi, the health chiefs have successfully developed a new index for healthcare quality targeted at propelling the standard of healthcare facilities available in the capital of UAE. 

Health Authority of Abu Dhabi also known as HAAD is likely to reveal the details about the Quality Index for Abu Dhabi at the HAAD and MEED Middle East Patient Safety and Quality Congress 2015. The event will host its ceremonious opening on Monday. 

The index will be a transparent and comprehensive quality framework, first of its kind that is compiled to benefit the healthcare facilities of the region. The regulations mentioned in the report will help Abu Dhabi improve its overall healthcare facility and bring it at par with industry standards. The information was revealed by the strategy director of HAAD, Dr Asma Al Mannaei. Al Mannaei further said, the new index will initially focus on hospitals; however aftersome time health facilities and clinics will be included in its ambit as well. 

The index will set forth a well defined framework of globally informed standards, which will help the healthcare providers to evaluate the different aspects of their performance, told Al Mannaei. The final set of guidelines will specify targets for performance and set the quality standards to ascertain consistency in application of healthcare standards both by providers and regulators alike. The set of uniform guidelines will help the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi to significantly improve their efforts in the near future. 

The healthcare strategy adopted by the regulatory bodies of Abu Dhabi will ensure better healthcare facilities to the local residents. Moreover, high quality and international standard of care will be both accessible and affordable by the population.
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