Ability to Track Pets and Monitor their Behavior Creates a Huge Demand for Pet Wearables

Published By : 28 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Several technology giants are shifting their focus towards manufacturing wearables for pets after revolutionizing with the same the wearables for humans.  According to the America Pet Products Association, the global spending on pets is set to rise exponentially in the coming years. Furthermore, in times when handheld devices are becoming ubiquitous, they sure are proving to be useful in the pets segment as well. The growing usage of several gadgets that are Wi-Fi enabled are being designed to track animals in cases where they lose way or are kidnapped.

Pet Identification to Drive Overall Market
The rise of pet wearable technology is also anticipated to play a significant role in pet identification, behavior control, remote monitoring, and monitoring of pets in case of health issues. All of these factors that promise to enhance the quality of life for pets and pet owners are anticipated to drive the overall market in the coming years.

Possibility of Medical Diagnostics through Pet Wearables Opens New Opportunities
The groundbreaking design and deployment of pet wearables for medical diagnosis are also expected to boost this market in the near future. For instance, wearables designed to cool pets, conduct ultrasound, provide heat, and drug delivery will tap into the unmet demands of pet owners.

The rise of Internet of Things and cloud computing is also anticipated to be the factors that define the success of the global pet wearables market in the coming future. This trend will also find support from the increasing expenditure on the medical diagnostics of pets by pet owners. However, the only restraint in the pet wearables market in the short lifespan of batteries that disrupts the diagnostic, identification, or tracking function of the device.

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