ABCmouse to Come to China through Tencent and Age of Learning

Published By : 09 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A Los Angeles-based education company called Age of Learning is collaborating with Tencent to start an educational program in China. This program called ABCmouse would be targeted at children’s current educational panorama, thereby benefiting the entire educational sector in this country.

More about the Exciting ABCmouse Program

This program is termed as Age of Learning’s front runner program and has been created in the form of a website, as well as an iOS and Android app in China. This program has been localized, and in terms of responsibility, Tencent will handle marketing, product development, customer support, and product sales.

Tencent is already involved in previous education tech-based programs like the VIKPID, which is an online tutoring platform. This is termed as a strategic investment for the company, wherein kids can learn English directly from teachers specializing in this language. However, ABCmouse mainly uses videos, books, and other online activities such as songs, games, and stories to make kids properly understand the language.

ABCmouse’s Chinese version is integrated with Tencent’s messenger along with the online service platform WeChat and instant messaging service QQ. These integrated programs can make it highly easy for users to sign in and pay for the app. Several families can use these social media sites to share the English-learning progress in the respective news feeds or in chats. Parents can also send their children’s audio and video recordings to others, who can buy the information sent with the help of a subscription.

Age of Learning had a significant presence in online education ever since it was founded in 2007, mainly due to a growing popularity of ABCmouse in public libraries, schools, and other such programs.  The company raised about $150 million from Iconiq Capital a couple of years. In this way, the program is expected to grow extensively in the next few years.

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