A Review of Two of the Leading Osteoporosis Drugs Undergoing Clinical Trial

Published By : 03 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

One of the most critical health care issues plaguing the world today is growing presence of osteoporosis on a global scale. Osteoporosis is a medical condition wherein the mass and density of bones is rather low, resulting in considerable alteration in the microstructure of the bones. This in turn, leads to higher threat of bone fractures and cracks. Given that osteoporosis has no surgical treatment as such, drug therapy is the only alternative. The rising incidence of bone cracks and fractures arising from osteoporosis and the development of several improved drug classes are the main forces boosting the osteoporosis drugs market around the world.

Research and Innovation Propelling Growth 

Even though the osteoporosis market presently features only a few drug manufacturers, the market still boasts of strong research and development activities aimed at innovative and effective solutions to treat osteoporosis. A number of unique compounds and formulations for osteoporosis therapeutics are presently under different phases of clinical and preclinical trials. Odanacatib and Romosozumab are two of the most important drug candidates currently undergoing phase III of clinical trials. 

Success of Odanacatib in Phase III Clinical Trial

Odanacatib is an investigational oral dosage of certain cathepsin-K inhibitors given once a week. It is being developed by Merck and has so far shown remarkable results in minimizing the occurrence of bone fractures in women who are in a post menopausal phase. Results of the phase III of clinical trials show that Odanacatib also recorded a decline in the risk of osteoporotic non-vertebral, hip, and spine factures when compared to placebo given during clinical trials. 

Reduced Side Effects and Higher Efficacy of Romosozumab

Developed by Amgen, Romosozumab is a drug that has achieved positive results in a clinical trial conducted to test the impact of the drug on women who are in their post menopausal phase and suffering from osteoporosis. Amgen has revealed that compared to the different drugs presently available in the market, Romosozumab has greater efficacy and fewer side effects.

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