A Regional Outlook of Global Beer Market, Launch of Organic Beer to Pave Way in Middle East

Published By : 01 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The global beer market is growing exponentially owing to the increasing establishment of numerous breweries worldwide. In addition, the rising number of promotional activities, increasing social acceptance of beer in the form of drink, robust marketing strategies, rising count of population consuming beer, and the increasing disposable incomes of consumers are amongst the prime factors fuelling the global beer market.

There are a number of factors stimulating the beer market in key geographic regions. The outlook of these key regions and the factors fuelling the market in these regions have been elaborated upon as under:

  • Financial Recovery Post Economic Crisis within Europe: Europe is a storehouse for a number of local breweries in addition to the expansion of producers of beer in this region. Owing to beer being the topmost demanded alcoholic beverage is Europe, the growth rate of beer in Europe is stable. Prime factors such as the increasing disposable incomes of consumers after the economic recession within the regions and the increasing awareness on the health benefits of beer such as cholesterol lowering properties, kidney stone prevention, and cure of insomnia by a moderate consumption of beer will augment the beer market here.
  • Launch of Organic Beer to Pave Way in Middle East: The Middle East has been a challenging territory for the growth of the markets for alcoholic beverages. This is owing to a number of obligatory rules on alcohol consumption posed by numerous religious as well as government bodies within this region, hence impeding the growth of the market here. UAE led the Middle East beer market with a share of more than 40.62% in 2012. On the other hand, beer consumption is extremely less in other Middle Eastern nations. Still, the launch of organic beer as well as the increasing awareness of health benefits of beer will augment demand in this region in forthcoming years.
  • Increasing Income of People in Asia Pacific: The soaring demand for beer within the region of Asia Pacific is majorly due to the increasing disposable incomes of people residing in this region and the strengthening of key economies here. In addition, a number of consumers in Asia Pacific are willing to spend on premium-quality alcoholic drinks and there has been an increasing proliferation of restaurants, convenience stores, bars, and liquor shops in this region, thus augmenting market growth. 

On the other hand, factors such as increasing restrictions posed by numerous governments globally and a complete ban on alcohol sale in numerous regions are the key factors inhibiting the growth of the market.

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