A New Set of Features Launched by Apple to Implement Digital Wellness

Published By : 06 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

At its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple has set a new benchmark to improve and prioritize well-being of users, by making them properly manage screen time. These controls will be applicable to app usage, manage distraction of notification, and restricting device usage for children. The features were first leaked by Bloomberg, but their details were not known. But now, Apple has completely revealed how it wants to control time spent by users on their devices.

More Information about New Digital Wellness Features

In the upcoming version of iOS 12 software that will be launched for iPhone and iPad, the first feature introduced by Apple is called Do Not Disturb. This feature is exclusively targeted at people who tend to look at their iPhone at night, and might be distracted by the excessive notifications. After this feature is switched on, users won’t see any notifications even if they get some. This feature can also help users when they do not want to be disturbed while being in a meeting, classroom, or at the movies. The feature can also act as a new morning wakeup screen, with minimum notifications shown so that users can gradually start to deal with any issues and scenarios.

With the new iOS 12 launched, in the context of digital wellness, Siri will also be able to manage notifications. The personal assistant can also suggest which notifications should be turned off, and which should remain, based on users’ previous history of dealing with notifications. Siri can also help users by insisting on turning on notifications off, or just delivering them in a quiet manner. In addition to this, the support for grouped notifications is also being enhanced. Thus, multiple notifications can now be grouped by app type, as well as by topic and thread type. In this way, users can tap onto these groups and look at them in a single go, thus saving time.

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