A New Path for Renewable Energy Set by Solar Sails

Published By : 23 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Caroll’s company which is based in Cambridge makes lightweight and flexible solar panels as these can be rolled and stored onto flexible and curved structures such as domes or shelters for agricultural land and also for roofs of buildings to sustain the weight of glass panels. This company is called Solar Cloth Company.

According to Perry Carroll, the solar material is moving from being a hard and inflexible material to something which is soft, flexible, lightweight, and even multicolored. Everybody in this field knows that these glass panels which are going on roofs, fields, farmland, or seven solar farms, so why can’t they be also present in the several aspects as well.

Caroll believes that they should also be so that when you pull your car in the driveway there should be a canopy which charges this material. The company has been involved in development of the panels since the light bulb moment on the water, and will surely bring them to the products which their company produces currently.

This company tends to use thin film Photovoltaics which are reviewed as the second generation in the solar technology. This technology is light energy which is placed on the plastics and is very lightweight to the conventional glass panels.

According to Carroll, these panels are around 20 per cent of the weight of the standard panels available in the marker. However, there are few drawbacks as they tend to produce 15 per cent less power than the current generation of panels but twice of them. But, the company is hoping to open up new markets by focusing on the weight difference and the flexibility of these new panels which can be rolled.
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