A New Laser Technology which can Change Eye Color

Published By : 19 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Color contacts will soon become history, as there is a better technology on the block which is capable of altogether replacing color contacts. This new laser technology can change your eyes color permanently. This technology has been developed by Stroma Medical. This laser procedure can change the eye color from brown to blue.

According to the Chairman and the Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gregg Homer said that under each brown eye there is a blue eye, however, the only difference between them is that a brown eye has thin layer of a pigment which covers the blue colored iris.

This procedure is presently undergoing a clinical trial and is a non-invasive technique. The doctor further said that it initiates a natural process in the eye wherein the body employs scavenger cells to help digest and get rid of the pigment from the iris surface.

They apply a computer aided and a low energy laser to the eye’s iris for disruption of the brown pigment. They use a particular frequency of the laser which passes through the layer of clear cornea of the eye and gets selectively absorbed by the dark pigment substance which covers the iris. This process takes around half a minute and after two weeks of the process the pigment will be removed which will leave the patient with blue eye color.

However, the low intensity laser is still not approved in the United States and a few patients have undergone this procedure in Costa Rica and Mexico, and more to come from the Philippines and Costa Rica. The company has tried to anticipate every possible health safety risk when they designed their laser device and were quite satisfied with the results as the procedure would be safe prior to treating their first clinical patient.
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