A new health tracking wrist-band can assess health

Published By : 24 Jun 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Leaving the house for taking some lab tests could soon be thing of pasts, thanks to a new health-tracking band capable of providing at-home diagnosis of many health conditions. 

This device can use a drop of nasal fluid, saliva or blood and provide simple diagnosis such as the testosterone levels, vitamin D levels, possibility of flu, etc. in humans 

The device is priced at USD 199 and is developed by the company Cue, which is hopeful of delivering the device in the market by early next year. The device is developed by Ayub Khattak, a mathematics and biochemistry scholar and Clint Sever, an engineer and product designer. 

The researchers had begun working on the device some five years ago when an idea of applying the logic of barcoding in plants was thought to be applicable to a budding idea of a miniaturized testing device for viruses in humans.

Both the researchers then took apart an automated home glucose tester to figure out whether the same basic hardware could be used to extend for undergoing other types of tests. 

This led to the discovery of the reader - the small, base-unit - that can analyze a variety of bodily fluid samples on disposable cartridges. When a cartridge with a fluid on it is plugged in the base-unit reader, it delivers result via Bluetooth to an app on the user’s smart phone. 

Cue plans to assess five tests in the initial model of the device including tests for flu, Vitamin D, inflammation, testosterone and fertility. 

It is estimated that the time taken by the device would be three times less than that by a conventional tester and determining the levels of Vitamin D would take only 10 minutes to produce results.
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