A Mother and Child Healthcare Club to be established by an Australian Healthcare Brand in Beijing

Published By : 31 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Young mothers in China will soon be receiving professional support and advice at a baby and mother healthcare club based in Beijing. The main aim of this club would be to impart knowledge and share in experiences of Austrian and Chinese experts. It was recently declared at a press conference, that the China Mother and Baby Healthcare Club would soon be established. The co-founders of this club are the EPOH, a healthcare company in Australia and the China Women’s News, which is the most influential newspaper in China for women. 

EPOH has had an experience of almost three decades in the area of baby and mother healthcare. As per a senior official at EPOH Health Tasmania, this club will mainly be aiming towards extending support care to mothers, promoting high quality and safe products for babies and mothers, and also providing day-to-day advice to women on various health issues. Almost thirty years ago, the EPOH had set up the Elizabeth Hope Baby Club and has extended more than 5 lakh consultations. 

As of now, this Tasmania based company will be launching a collaboration with China Women’s News in order to create a similar club in the city of Beijing. This club will be characterized by professional experience relating to nutrition, manufacturing, nursing, medicine, agriculture, and pharmacy. This mature brand for child and maternal care has hopes of providing the necessary care for healthy development and growth of new born babies in China. 

There are altogether ten programs that form a part of the China Mother and Baby Healthcare Club. These programs include a research center for child and maternal health, an experts and specialists committee, a counselling center, a charitable hospital alliance, other miscellaneous healthcare services, and also a cross-border center for e-commerce. 
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