A Highly Innovative Process for Developing Better Semiconductors

Published By : 11 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A chemical engineer at Kansas University via a surprise scientific discovery has come up with a new innovation for electronic devices. He received a patent for this invention of his which is known as “Off axis silicon carbide substrates” that basically refers to a process by which better and improved semiconductors can be developed. This discovery may aid in improving and bettering electronic devices. This can also prove to be beneficial in the industry for power electronics and also for the manufacturers in the industry for semiconductor devices. 

Electronics comprise crystals of semiconductors which can easily be layered for electronic devices to function efficiently. It actually resembles a stacked cake that is separated with the help of icing layers. However, there exists the possibility of defects if at all the semiconductor layers are unable to match up effectively. The efficiency and the capacity of the device gets immensely affected if and when a defect is found out. This research study by the Kansas University professor, Jim Edgar has come up with a better technique for building semiconductors and also have them layered in order to minimize the possible defects that are likely to emerge in future. This is in fact, a rather crucial discovery for majority of the manufacturers. 

According to Jim Edgar, this discovery is basically serendipitous. Many years ago, a doctoral graduate of chemical engineering while working in a laboratory had come across a sample of substrate that proved to be very smooth. The presence of the layer was finally confirmed by researchers from the University of Bristol in the U.K. and the New York State University situated in Stony Brook. The team of researchers also proved it that there were lesser defects in this substrate as against standard substrates.
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