A Bockfest to Showcase 12 traditional Varieties of Bock in Downtown, Madison

Published By : 05 Mar 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

For lager and bock fans, there’s a new reason to rejoice this winter. The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co, a Madison-based brewing company is all set to tap 12 different varieties of bock, along with two other German beers, in a Bockfest at its Downtown outlet this Saturday. 

The Bockfest will be a ticketed, unlimited sampling event and will showcase the world’s largest assembly of bocks that all come from a single brewery, The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. The Bockfest will showcase the range of styles available in bocks with focus on the traditional ones like weizenbock, doppelbock and mailbock. Some other looser interpretations of bocks such as the smoked, Marzen and imperial styled beers shall also be offered.  

Bocks are a variety of ancestral German beers that have a flavor that tend towards malty sweetness and are full bodied and boozy. Bocks can vary in their nature according to the place of brewing, but their basics make them well suited for winter drinking.

The other offerings include a variety of more condensed, stronger beer, quite appropriate for winter drinking- comprising of three variations of eisbock, a bock slightly frozen to skim away the resulting slush and make it a bit more concentrated and flavored than the traditional bocks.    

This event marks an assembly of the traditional and the new incarnations of this traditional beer that once helped monks with the much needed liquid sustenance while they fasted for Lent. 

The organizers inform that even if people end-up missing this event at the Great Dane on Saturday, they can catch-up some of the $30 tickets available at the door. Some of the Backfest’s beers will also be available at the Downtown and other outlets of the company while the supply lasts. 
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