3D-printed Habitat for Mars to be Created by NASA and Bradley University

Published By : 05 Dec 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Bradley University have joined hands in a bid to create 3-D printed habitat that would be installed in Mars. A series of competitions have been arranged by NASA wherein students, in partnership with Bradley University, have been invited to create one such habitat utilizing the materials from Mars. The competition aims to figure out the best habitat technology for Mars that would support life there.

3-D Printed Habitat Challenge to Utilize Martian Soil

The very first manned mission to Mars is scheduled for the year 2030. Astronauts will be sent on that mission and they will return back to the earth after orbiting Mars. The Red Planet is considered uninhabitable for human beings owing to its desolate surface and thin atmosphere.

The competition called “3-D Printed Habitat Challenge” utilizes materials that are available aplenty in Mars such as Martian soil, red regolith and recyclable objects that are brought by the astronauts such as plastic packaging of their food.

Monsi Roman, programme manager of NASA Centennial Challenges, says that the mission to Mars is a challenge for the human beings in many ways and humans must make optimum use of anything that is available there. Such usage of Martian soil and its indigenous materials is expected to have massive implications on earthly constructions too.  

The 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge is in Phase 3 at present and the winner of the competition takes away prize money of US$2 mn.

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