35% of Canadian Companies arent Prepared for Advancing Technology

Published By : 28 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In a new research by Deloitte, it has been found out that most of the Canadian companies are not prepared for the major advancements in field of technology such as artificial intelligence and robotics. The Canadian wing of the international consulting firm, Deloitte, states that only 13% out of the seven hundred firms in its survey scored well, whereas 87% were partly or totally unprepared for the scale and the speed of the change ahead.

In fact, over one-third, that is 35%, of the group has scored poorly on all 4 of the major criteria that Deloitte utilized to measure preparation – the awareness about the technology, the innovative streak, the agility, and the capability to channel their resources. The findings of the study are reliable with other Deloitte survey on the Canadian productivity, stated Mr. Terry Stuart, one of the co-author of the 42-page report, which was released on Tuesday.

Mr. Stuart stated in an interview to the fore of the publication of the report that the Canadian companies are risk-adverse in general. They are not investing, to the extent that they require to, in the technologies and the capabilities and they are seeing that affected directly in these technology areas that they studied.

The report was especially interested in knowing how the Canadian firms were responding to the 4 types of technology having the potential to cause extensive disruption to what has become the general manner of doing business. The base technologies were artificial intelligence, robotics, communications networks, and manufacturing devices such as platforms for collaboration and 3D printers. Although a lot of of these technologies have been around for long, but they had been developing at a comparatively slow pace, which Deloitte estimates to surge extensively in the near future.
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