2019 Audi R8 to Impress Critics with Its Specs

Published By : 24 Oct 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The German supercar manufacturer, Audi has finally revealed their spectacular R8 V10.The Audi R8 which was first launched in 2006 in Paris, became famous among sports car lover, for its stylish design and impressed the crowd who seek for comfort, as the manufacturer did not compromise on it. With years passing by, Audi’s hard working team had impressed critics on every scale with its R8 model. The new R8 V10 is a handsome, stylish and one can even say an affordable sports come to the most. The sound of this beast is considered as serenade to some, the vehicle stands firmly while going for a daily drive. The company on Tuesday announced that the R8 V10 engines will get some decent upgrades.

On getting the news, car lovers have speculating various theories such as the V10, which is a high revving engine will likely not to be replaced thus giving a relief to the customer, that the machine will still produce 532 horsepower and the top model will produce 602. What is worst, the company is not specifying on it.

On the basis of performances, the company promised that the 2019 R8 will have some edge over older models as the vehicle will receive some enhanced steering and suspension adjustments. As these high end cars have various type of drive mode, Audi is introducing a new drive setting in the new model. The company specified that car will have wet, snow, and dry settings to improve car’s overall conditions in harsh climate. The model is likely to rely on carbon-ceramic brakes.

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