200 Job Opportunities to be created by a Medical Device Manufacturer in Dayton

Published By : 29 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

NuVasive Manufacturing LLC, a global medical device manufacturing company, based in San Diego, is planning to create 200 job opportunities in the medical device industry in Dayton, Ohio. NuVasive Manufacturing LLC was recently approved to provide state assistance through an extension project in the medical device industry, which is predicted to create nearly 200 new job opportunities. According to the Ohio Tax Credit Authority, new job opportunities will only help in the growth of the medical devices industry in the near future. By generating $9.3 million in the latest annual payroll, the company is planning to create around 195 full-time positions. During this, NuVasive Manufacturing LLC is planning to retain $5.4 million in the existing payroll. 

San Diego based company, NuVasive Inc., is planning to consolidate its manufacturing operations. Currently, Ohio is in competition with Tennessee and Texas for the project. According to the state officials, if Ohio is to lose the planned project all existing jobs across the state would be in danger. For the new proposed project, the Ohio TCA approved job creation tax credit for around seven years. 

NuVasive Inc., is a well-known medical device company, motivated on manufacturing and developing surgical procedures and products for the spine. NuVasice Manufacturing was acquired by the company ANC LLC, in May 2013 for an amount of $4.5 million. According to the officials, the main aim behind the plan was to bring the manufacturing activities, in-house. According to the state officials, the project also involves development of a prime location to spread the manufacturing activities and capacities. With 200 job opportunities, the company plans to expand the medical device industry by 2019. The fixed asset investment of the company would be aiming towards renovating the existing manufacturing facilities, improving on-site infrastructure, leasehold improvements, new equipment, and machinery. Fairborn expressed their support for the new project. 

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