139 Countries Could Adopt to 100% Clean Energy Till 2050 Under New Plan

Published By : 24 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Mark Zachary Jacobson, director of Atmosphere and Energy Program, and professor of civil and environmental engineering, Stanford University is leading a team, which is building a plan for 139 nations to adopt 100 percent renewable and clean energy sources by 2050. This study is focused on eliminating usage of biofuels and fossil fuels as they create pollution, are more costly and less proven sources of energy than renewable sources.

This study is expected to help the countries that are major contributors to the greenhouse and carbon emissions, resulting in temperature change of Earth, to reduce their emissions. Study states that to control carbon emissions and help the environment sustain, these countries need to aggressively approach to wind and solar energy systems.

Insights into the Plan to make Earth Greener

The roadmaps outlined for each of these countries are envisioned to make existing hydroelectric dams more efficient and has no instructions to build new dams. This report also gives brief information about land needed for installation of wind and solar power plants throughout these countries. In the countries with very less space, this study directs them to use sea areas to install renewable plants. For instance, this study estimates that Iceland could get 23 percent of power from geothermal energy and 28 percent of total power from hydroelectric sources, whereas, Australia could get 45 percent of its power just from wind farms. Furthermore, the geography of Poland can allow it to receive two-third of power from wind energy. The plan projected by study is expected to save earth from 1.5 degrees rise in temperature.

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