100 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Oxford is on its Way

Published By : 31 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A program to install around 100 electric vehicle charging stations in Oxford is on its way. This is expected to be the first on street charging pilot of this size in the world. The Oxford City Council announced that it has partnered with Oxfordshire County Council to develop charging stations for residential streets so as to help people go electric. The city council also said that the trial will see six different charging technologies installed. This will include retrofitting of lampposts with charging stations.

30 stations will be installed in the first phase. Of these, 10 stations will be available for the general public. 10 stations will be available for individual households and 10 for the members of the Co-wheels Car Club. Co-wheels is a national club for cars that allow drivers to drive low emission, electric, and hybrid cars on a pay as you go platform. Coming October will see charging stations ready to be used. These stations will run on trial basis for 12 months. The solution which turns out to be the best will be used on 100 residential street sites.

Researchers from University of Oxford's Transport Studies Unit will collate the feedback from residents on the charging stations and the results will be shared with the government of the U.K. to help national and local authority make correct investment decisions on charging stations.

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